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The Breakfast Pig offers delicious crepes that captures the same moist and flavorful taste of a quality dessert. Come into our cafe restaurant for a special brunch. You can pair a crepe with a breakfast drink from our coffee shop.

Our savory and sweet crepes are made with deliciously fresh ingredients and perfectly placed toppings, and our coffee balances the sweet taste perfectly for a satisfying meal that will make you smile. If you are in the mood for sweet savory crepes, we have a range of them to try along with the traditional chocolate and fruit sweet crepe options. In addition to crepes, we have the classic pancakes topped with fruits of your choice. We have many different kinds of pancakes and omelettes that are cooked fresh just for you.

You can trust our friendly and experienced baking staff at The Breakfast Pig to make desserts for our guests and serve them with a smile. There is nothing like a crepe to brighten someone's day. Who can resist a piece of heaven? Visit our breakfast restaurant in Sault Ste. Marie, ON today and try our waffles or crepes!